Corten, black RecoSilent (acoustic felt)


Saw cut

Example 1: If you want 3 panels sawn down to the desired height = 3 saw cuts. If you choose 1 saw cut = 1 panel is only sawn of 3 panels.

Example 2: If you want 1 panel in 4 parts of 500 mm = 3 saw cuts with the height 500 mm.

NOTE! The saw blade takes 4mm at each saw cut of the panel.

Write the desired number of saw cuts

This acoustic panel with inspiration from the look of corten sheet metal gives the feeling of a robust material that becomes more beautiful with time. The ribbed wall panel reduces unwanted echoes and noise in any room. They can be installed on both walls and in ceilings and fit in private homes as well as in public establishments.

Vægt 14 kg
Størrelse 244 × 64 × 2,2 cm


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